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ISPS ‐ Indoor Shrimp Production System

Farming shrimp with recirculating culturing
technology in Japan.

Indoor Shrimp Production System
Indoor Shrimp Production System

Patent No. 3955192 (Japan)

Patent No. 5658423 (Japan)

Features of ISPS

Indoor Shrimp Production System

ISPS ‐ Indoor Shrimp Production System, is truly innovative, rearing shrimp without the use of any chemical at all, delivering live and fresh shrimp to consumers' table.
In the system, "Litopenaeus Vannamei" shrimp, originated in Central & South America is reared. Southeast Asian black tiger has been in the main stream; however, it is rapidly shifting to vannamei due to its safety and quality.

An efficient system producing high yielding and healthy profit

Indoor Shrimp Production System

As a result of the research conducted by Oceanic Institute in Hawaii, it is now possible to produce vannamei in just 18 weeks period.
With our system, it is possible to produce 3 to 3.5 cycles of production per year with using two 40mx12m (750t) Grow-out tank and one 140tons Nursery tank effectively.
The ratio of shrimp productivity, depends on scale of water tank, around 0.7% of total water volume in the tank.

High quality and safe shrimp production is now possible

Indoor Shrimp Production System

In ISPS, water quality management is strictly controlled based on HACCP plan; no chemical or additive are used at all. For the time being, high quality and safe SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) PL from Thailand is used and fed with quality feed. Research for development of domestic PL is currently underway.
The vertical water circulation system also adds quality to the product by uniformizing the oxygen density in the water to provide shrimp apt exercise for fit body.

Environmentally sustainable system

In a conventional system, there were problems in uneaten feed and feces polluting ocean water and causing disease. In our system, water quality is managed to be kept below standard contagion level upon ventilation to keep clean environment for sustainable production in the same location.

Fully supported system

IMTE will fully assist you in production technique, staff training, and management support upon initiation of shrimp production business.