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Indoor Shrimp Production System

Patent No. 3955192 (Japan)

Patent No. 5658423 (Japan)

Standard System Configuration

The Mechanism of Production System

ISPS is consisted of Grow-out tank, wavemaker, microbial purifier, and oxygen water supplier.

The Mechanism of Production System

Features of the plant

1) Grow-out tank (Inverted triangle)

  • Quasi-natural environment with artificial seaweed and hidden places make shrimp for less stress
  • Wobbling weed encourage shrimp to swim for faster growth and better tasting fit body
  • Cleaner removes feces, uneaten feed several times a day to control the water quality

2) Water circulation system

  • A vertical pump with 350t/hr. capacity circulates 10 cycles of water per day
  • 1/10 of power required for circulation compared to conventional system
  • Creation of waves and oxygen water spouted from the bottom circulates water in vertical direction for shrimp to grow sterically

3) Water treatment

  • Adoption of biological filtration using microorganism
  • Suspended substance are eliminated with a micro-screen
The Mechanism of Production System

Production Facility Plan

Production Facility Plan

Standard Production system size approx 31,000ft2 (2,900m2); approx. 39,000ft2 (3,600m2 ) land needed

Production Facility Plan

Standard Configuration
  • Grow-out tank (40mX12mX2.5m center depth) 3 units
  • Nursery tank (30tX4)
  • Strage&Shipping tank (+8tx2)
  • Bioreactor tank 3 units
  • Artificial seaweed
  • Cleaner
  • Micro-Screen
  • Oxygen generator/mixer/supply pump
  • Wave gate

  • Tank cover
  • Emergency generator
  • Hydroponic facilites

Production Facility Plan