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Indoor Shrimp Production System

Patent No. 3955192 (Japan)

Patent No. 5658423 (Japan)

Production Schedule, Production Method

Production Schedule

Production Schedule

Production cycle is every 18 weeks; use of the pool is 14 weeks, thus, 3.5 cycles/yr. is possible.
With three lane rear tank, around 10 cycles/yr. is possible.

Shrimp Rearing Process

1. PL importing

  • SPF PL is flown from Thailand, reared in the nursery tank, adapted to freshwater, and then released to the Grow-out tank
  • Rearing period in the nursery tank is approx. 4 weeks


UnpackingPL in bag


Releasing to nursery tankRearing in nursery tank

2. Rearing

  • After released, shrimp is reared to 15~20g/pc using 600t water and 14 weeks then shipped
  • Feed is given five times a day during daytime (No feeding during nighttime)
Shrimp Rearing Curve

Rearing period (month)

Rearing period

1st month2nd month3rd month

3. Harvest

  • When single harvest is less than 150kg, a Yotsute spider net is used for harvesting.
  • Otherwise, a seine net is used to harvest.

Shrimp before shippingIkesu-Kun (container for shipping)