Indoor Shrimp Production System

Farming shrimp with recirculating culturing
technology in Japan.

Pioneer of "RAS"(Recirculating Aquaculture system) in Japan

Since founded in 1997, the company has solely been in R&D and improving technology of the RAS. Our ISPS-Indoor Shrimp Production System was patented in 2007; a project plant is currently in operation at Myoko Shrimp Firm of IMT Engineering INC. in Niigata Pref. Our technology is not just limited to ISPS, it is applicable to land based aquaculture in general.
The company continues to devote itself and unique ISPS technology to promote the land based aquaculture industry.

"RAS" ~Technology to support the future of dietary~

In the time of global food shortage, seafood is getting attention as the source of fine animal protein. While natural fishing resource is shriveling, aquaculture is growing globally. Especially in US/EU, RAS is on the rise. It has the following distinctive characters:

  • Not affected by the environment.
    (Not influenced by weather, but for stable production)
  • Not affecting the environment
    (Eco technology effectively utilizes waste and drainage)
  • Safe and secure seafood production
    (No chemical used to produce organic seafood)
  • Standardized operation
    (No fishing experience required)